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eastbound to jackson is getting by on one lane. chp has issued a sig alert for the area. westbound entrance from jackson is clear. no problems here to avoid the entire area, continue on north 880 to winton. here is 92 at 880. right here a jackson and santa clara. continue to the north and you will be able to avoid the area. we have one stall northbound 160 at sheridan, that is truck blocking the right lane. and southbound on 680 on vargas there is an additional stall. >>> a wet mess in hayward. water main break on busy jackson street right near 92 off the freeway and 880 has resulted in a big traffic problem. amy hollyfield is live at the scene. what is going on? >> we just got briefed by authorities. this one has been stumped. it will be another 45 minutes until they can get the water. they say it's a big pipe, 12-inch pipe that broke about 3:00 38 this morning. they have been working for the last two and a half hours and haven't been able to figure out to get the water to stop. firefighters were first on the scene and they tried to the close the valve. water department showed up.
, on the ramp toward jackson street a sig alert due to a water main break. one lane flooded at that off-ramp at jackson street right around santa clara. they hope to have that capped but for now it's very slow in the area. >> kristen: parts of the bay area have temperatures below freezing this morning as mike was saying. you might find it frigid outside your door. terry mcsweeney is live in san rafael where it's been in the 20s. i imagine it's still dipping. >> it gets colder as dawn approaches. as you can see one minute after 5:00 on the second day of 2013, 26 degrees, of course, freezing is 32 degrees and there it is two below on the celsius. take a look. frost on the wind shields, front back, grass, everywhere we looked and every car parked overnight, they have the frost. keep it in mind. and i have frost on my rear window, it's a good idea to defrost before backing out of a driveway. cool temperatures this morning and we are under the impression it will be colder heading up south the santa rosa area in that direction, north of here. in napa, some of the more protected valleys. so we
presence in that is andrew jackson. andrew jackson. now, jackson's wife, her name was rachael thompson. and when rachael donaldson was a young girl, a teenager, her father, a colonel, settled what we now know today as knocks well, national, a sell tennessee. and colonel nelson took a group of white settlers and the literally hacked territory out of the woods and fought indians and all that sort of stuff. and in the settlement rachael, his daughter, sort of became the debutante and if you will, the daughter of the most prominent and in the tennessee region. well, from rachael, it's a bit controversial because she does with a proper brought out to do. she, against a parents' wishes runs away and there's an older man who is a ne'er-do-well. his name is louis route are. it appears that he may have been visibly abusive with her. dispenses money. you know, is one thing after another, but he accuses her of all sorts of things. at the least mentally very abusive. so this is a big scandal. then she does with a proper grow back then ought not to do a second time. she leaves some. she leaves him
seeing ray lewis' ffce on t-v.what he's after the eason. :15 jackson says: "try it!!" hamilton says: "really? seriously?jackson says: ""e're not going to haa this conversation unlees you say it. but next... one reporter's uncomfortable interriew... with samuel l. jackson.what the actor wanted him to say. you'rr watching fox 45 good ((break 2))re. many children in this thailand orphanage are not orphans... in orphanages, in thailand especially, you'll find many they receive what their poor families cannot provide... but is it enough? it's a home -- but it's not a home. it's a family. but it's not a family. finding alternatives to orphan age care in thailand... on the "700 club," friday at vr,3 p3 &p 3 3 3 3 to contact the spca, go to our pebsite at foo baltimore ot com slash morning. ssmuel l. jackson &pis making headlines today... foo an uncomfortable interviee critic.the actoo wass discussinn his role of a house slave... in a new quentin tarantino movie called "django unchained."the movie has been receiving some criiicism... n-word.during the interview... jackssn tries to get the
court court justice robert jackson. tell us how that came about because i want to lead and to which you have with some of the conservatives among blacks than whites. >> guest: great. jackson was i think seeing my family than i say great justice. he had been the prosecutor at the nuremberg war charles. he actually taken time off from the court and gone to nuremberg and been the chief prosecutor and then came back to the court. so rehnquist graduates from the stanford law school early at the end of 1952. he was actually in the class that would've graduated a semester later, the rehnquist finished his work. he was so smart he got out early. so it was clear when i was researching through his papers and lucky not the diaries that he had actually, that were on were on deposit with his papers, which were fascinating. he had six notebooks that were filled with his reminiscences, desires and early comments and memoirs. one of the things that was clear was that he really saw himself destined for some important job. he actually on the court probably are certainly somewhere in government because he
at 1824 jackson street, condominium building located a block south of subject property. we have also received one additional letter of support. fished for the record i will pass copies of these to the commission. the department recommend that the commission approve with conditions for the following reason. the project was desirable in that it is consistent with the neighborhood character of tall-multi-unit apartment buildings. the project is consistent with the residential guidelines in that it maintains the existing building footprint and is consistent with the scale, height and bulk of other structures in the neighborhood. the property provides shared light wells to the adjacent building. the project maintains the unit count of 11 and complis with all relevant requirements of the planning code and consistent with relevant objectives and polices of the general plan. that concludes my presentation and i'm available for questions. >> thank you. project sponsor, please. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is craig nickitas and i have a graphic presentation and mr. ionin, i wonde
now issued a sig alert in the area. so the water main break is located at jackson street and santa clara street right at that intersection just east of 880 and the 92 interchange. chp has shut down one lane of the eastbound 92 off-ramp at jackson because of flooding in the area. so they are advising you to avoid the area until they mop up. so it's jackson street and santa clara street but if you are coming off jackson off east 92, that right lane is now shut down. chp and hayward pd are on scene. we have live look coming up in the next few minutes to get you updated on this area. we'll do that as soon as the lanes open, as well. the san mateo bridge, westbound towards foster city no problems. eastbound into hayward not showing any delays right now, traffic looking good. and a live look at the bay bridge right now, our freeways are very light. not a lot of accidents to report on the roads right now. in fact, traffic have very quiet on the pay gates into san francisco. back to you. >> thank you. >>> two people are dead after a driver crashed a car while trying to get away from police
it?clarence jackson started smoking pot wwen he was fourteen. he says he quickly graduated to coke, crime and then prison."i've consecutiie year of my life twenty yearssin and out of jackssn is now in court-ordered grouu counseling. (naa sot) "and youuknow howwselfish it is everybody around yyu hurt when you get locked up, even your dog. i know that sounds silly, even your dog, iiknow that sounds silly, even our dog.""uy wheeler runs the program...twelve to 24 sessions. for first offenders, the gold ring upon reccrd. jjckson llments...if for him twenty yyars agg. "i wouldn't have been a &pliability. i would have been a great asset to society today."jackson coold be the change in ow the nation is al - use. ii's not just a crime, but annaddiccion. "ii shouldn't come as a surprise if we've arresteddsomeone or a crime and theyyalso have a drug problem anddwe do nothhng they're gonna end up right - back into thh system committing another crimee"foo the white house, now and goiigg forward, fighting illicit drug use is a multilayered approachh -a focus on education and prevenn
... she apparently never rehearsee with the u-s marine band..- 3 ((break 3)) 3 charlene jackson 3 sent in this 3 charlene jackson &p3 33 ((break 3)) ,3 ((break 3)) 3& band.the u-s marine rehearsed with the u-s marine band. 3 ((break 3)) 3 3 charlene jackson sent in this picture of little charley... and her favorite stuffed animal.looks likeethey're both 3 show us your purple & can upllad photos and videos to us through purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- coo.and you can sse those picturesson our "see it shoot ii send it" page at oxbaltimmre dot com.orryou & can go ooour facebook page.. facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on "inside fox45." 3 cominngup in our 6 o'clock hour... - p3 sackeddwith a lawsuit... &pthe famiily of former linebacker junior seau is player's suicide. 3 3 ♪ ♪ the freshenator. the buddy system. the do si go. the two-handed tango. el cleaño. [ female announcer ] nothing leaves you feeling cleaner and fresher than the cottonelle care routine. try it. then name it. 3 3 3&plance armstron
coalition it's an honor to hold this today and jesse jackson and against violence prevention and that we can represent that well in the season of peace and we bring forward carolyn scott for our opening prayer of this peace hour. >> thank you reverend bryant. bow your heart with me. a discussion on the importance of interface based leadership on the city's violence prevention initiative predict and organize for a safer san francisco is where we're opening up in prayer. iicizea and "it shall come to pass before they call i will answer and yet while they are speaking i will "hear". mayor lee you spoke briefly at the interfaith breakfast and called out for help how do we get to our youth who are disenfranchised and not connected. you asked that you dependd and asked for the help of clergy and the religious community. you said you asked because you and the civic leaders and the departments cannot do it alone. we are here to pray for that reason. you went on to say our future leaders inherit what we do and all that we fail to do. at this breakfast the response from mrs. rita simel of the s
right now right next to the jackson street off-ramp by highway 92. get right to gianna franco with the latest. >> reporter: thank you, elizabeth. we are looking at live pictures from chopper 5. again, this water main break was reported about 4:30 this morning. so it's been gushing water for quite some time. as you can see, they have blocked off portions of jackson at santa clara street. officials are on scene providing traffic control through the area. parts of the roadway are flooded as a result. so they are telling commuters to avoid the area if you can. this is a live look from the ground level from our photographer. you can see that water is still gushing. there is quite a puddle through the area. probably will take some time to clear this out of the way mop up the mess around the area but it's causing problems as you work your way off eastbound 92. i just checked in withing had healthcare and they are saying that parts of the right lane on east 92 between 880 and santa clara are also now seeing some flooding. so be careful there if you are heading off to the right side. i
and i currently live at 1824 jackson street. i have lived in san francisco for over 30 years. up until two years ago i lived in presidio heights where i enjoys a nice home with my daughters and a view of the golden gate. when i decided to move to pacific heights in this particular building on jackson, one of the things that was really appealing as it is for all of these neighbors plus others who didn't have time to come because of the short notice was the fact we had views. some great, not all of them, but we had partial views of the water. we paid for those views. all of us paid for those views, okay? the proposed addition, not just the floor, because if you look at the plan, it's not just an additional flash, floor, but the solar panels. you are almost looking at adding two floors, not one. they block the water view and i know right to view not necessarily, but what about right to value? we pay taxes and we pay taxes on property and property is high because you have a view. well, with this thing we will no longer have any views. and the question also is addition to solar panels unde
interviewed professor john l. jackson jr. about his book racial paranoia. the interview was conducted at the university of pennsylvania annenberg school of communication. .. is. >> i argue when you think about a country like united states trying to work after its own history of racial antagonism, 1 mile is we transcend to build a multiracial community but posters reality by oppression hopefully we will move beyond it. but they both fall under that umbrella. >> host: go to the second example of a ignoring race. why it's important? >> it is important not to make a fetish but not to discuss it means it is already in the room but we have to be careful that is the historical position we have been through this but now to move forward to pretend we have not run this are already? to know what we want the community to become the look of the differences that divide us. it is a fine ninth to make too much or make a fetish are everyone could have a vested interest. >> host: professor jackson what is the role of political correctness? at. >> guest: it is easy to take the pot shot but it tries to p
in the schools. >> also to that. police chief and my interview with joe jackson. he speaks out as he rarely has before. >> couldn't get to them like they should have. >> piers morgan tonight. >> good evening. we will get to the gun debate in a few moments. another daily reminder of why this is so important. and a student on the run after an attack in a phoenix office building. we begin with breaking news the hostage crisis in alabama. a 6-year-old boy is being held hostage in a backyard bunker after the man apparently shot and killed the driver. this is exclusive video. >> joining me now are two of the suspect's neighbors, welcome to you both. ron da, you know this gentleman jimmy lee dikes, he is 65 i believe. you have had concerns about him for some time. tell me why. >> well, he's just strange. i sold him the property about two years ago. and i'd cleaned it out very nice. trimmed all the trees and treated him. after he moved on the property he put up a barbed wire fence and cut down all the trees. like he needed a clear view of things. so i pretty much avoided him. heard a lot of rumors and
jackson street surface streets between 880 and end of a portion 92 in hayward. there is a flooding during the water main break. you want to avoid that area until they get that capped out. if you are heading out. 580 and over the altamont is looking good. highway 4 westbound and 80 westbound into the macarthur maze just under 20 minutes. >>> it's 4:39. >> a bay area community comes together to take a stand against a brutal rape of a young woman. how people are pushing for stronger laws to protect women. >> and the warning going on outer for all bay area beachgoers after a walk in the beach ends in tragedy. >> in today's tech bytes, apple's next big thing, an announcement this spring for an iphone 6. developers are seeing markers being iced. there are problems with operating system, it can schedule turn on and turn offs and people are missing calls and messages. >> a local based social network will be selected to see more customer who has have checked [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later
to present my friend, the reverend dr. jackson who i have known as a friend for 51 years. we have traveled around the world in brazil and africa. we were there when mr. mandala was release friday prison. we have gone. >> >> congress. we have gone before great enemies even to plead for justice for all peoples but i present to you a preacher of the gospel. a faith leader who knows that there is no lasting peace at all unless you pay the price for peace by working the things that make the peace in a community. jesse jackson has been the needle. he has been the thread through the agency of rainbow push coalition pulling together all of these broken fabrics of society in order that we might hope for, look for, and look for eternalally a better society in which we will be no more beset with bigotry and classicism and racism and all of the ism's that tear the very fabric of society. he has paid the price for freedom. he has paid the price for peace. he has paid the price for social betterment. i present to you a better that knows how to pay the price for a beautiful quilt, peace in san
communication. it is about 25 minutes. >> host: john l. jackson is a director of africanus teddies at the university of pennsylvania. he's the author most recently of this book, racial paranoia, the unintended consequences of political correctness. dr. jackson, when you talk about racial paranoia, who is paranoid? >> guest: i would argue we are all paranoid when it comes to race and probably for good reason. one of the points in the book is that raises a category itself is about the embedding of paranoia into the way they look a social life. for instance, the whole point is to say some distances are so paramount, biological, hardwired that we have to be on the lookout at all times and mixing of different ways in which we differentiate between us and them. greece itself is about fearing social paranoia. when you think about a country like the united states that's trying to work through its own history of racial antagonist and coming to have two models. one is we're transcending them in moving beyond, trying to build a multiracial community. .. the only reason why i feel like we have
. rothschild, you are also co-chair of the henry jackson initiative. that is where we are going to start. first of all, why increasing capital? that implies there is a problem with exclusive capital in the first place. >> i want to first thank you for including eric schmidt tonight. their combined ages younger than i am, thank you. eric makes me feel more comfortable. i appreciate that. then henry jackson initiative on inclusive capitalism is a transatlantic, private, bipartisan group that got concerned about the feeling that maybe most people -- that too many people were thinking that capitalism was collusive capitalism. those of us who were born in the 1950's or 1960's, and there are not many of us in this room tonight, we grew up believing that we could work hard, play by the rules, and anything was possible. it was called the american dream. george carlin recently said it is called the american dream because you have to be asleep to believe it. we actually think that it is very important to acknowledge that capitalism has been planned economies as the way to move people out of poverty and i
: more turmoil for the jackson family last summer as michael jackson's teenage daughter paris announced that her grandmother and guardian katherine was missing. >> katherine jackson is back home. she said she wasn't kidnapped. >> reporter: a judge later restored katherine pass guardian of michael's children. >> whether it was a pleasure or guilty pleasure, audiences couldn't turn away from "here comes honey boo boo" about a child beauty contestant and her family. rap are psy, after his catchy dance style gangnam style caught the web. it shattered records online becoming the number one watched video on youtube with more than 970 million views. the new found fame wasn't without controversy. remarks he made in 2004 resurfaced online. he apologized saying his feelings were emotionally charged. new sexual misconduct acts. >> elmo puppeteer kevin clash was forced to resign from sesame street after being accused in sexual relationships with mean nurse. his lawyers said the case is without merit but clash opted to leave after 28 years. twilight's stars kristen stewart and robert pattinson had b
i'm sitting here right across from jackson square. this is the square that has a lot of local artists that come out and do oil paintings, clowns. we were out late last night clowns doing balloons for all the kids walking around, horse and carriage rides everywhere. this city is just unbelievable. >> have the 9er fans arrived? we know the teams are there. are the fans? who outnumbers who right now? >> reporter: we haven't run into too many football fans. everyone is really focused on mardi gras. you wouldn't even know a big game is coming in less than a week. and we did pick up some beads. so i have some beads for you coming into san francisco. but, you know, we keep talking super bowl. and everyone says let's get through mardi gras first. it's chilly this morning but it gets warmer throughout the day which is great. we're getting a little breeze off of the mississippi right now so we can feel a little breeze but we know how that goes in the bay area, right, lawrence? >> we do. one party at a time-out there, huh, michelle? they know how
for the a suv would d.c. plates wanted for a single hit and run. jackson was struck on friday in northwest. investigators say jackson was than two blocks away from home when she was hit by a car a second time she was by an suv that did not stop. she died on saturday. secretary of state hillary clinton remains hospitalized for clot.d roadrs say she is on the to a full recovery. admitted to new york presbyterian hospital on sunday. she suffered a concussion afterr this month fainting. no word on when the secretary sent home. is new year's eve. we are less an hour until midnight. heading out to celebrate, you'd better bundle up. >> we have been tracking temperatures all evening long. i am happy to say the not moved ais have lot over the past few hours. degrees at reagan national. we can think the cloud cover for temperatures up as evening.o the late here is our forecast for the next hour or so. temperatures will hold in the 30's. we have a chance for a wintry tomorrow and some of the coldest air of the season is on the way. >> in the minutes following midnight, many same-sex couples in maryla
're not only grieving, but angry, blaming investigators for not doing enough to find jackson's killer. a song created by friend, memorializing 24-year-old jackson madison, killed in a hit-and-run in the early morning hours, three days before kris. but who did it and what really happened is still a mystery. one that paralyzed his loved ones. >> i can't function. i can't function not knowing what happened. >> just a lot of things unanswered. >> a family drowning in its struggle. they're angry with chp investigators who they say told them next to nothing. the lou teieutenant has special investigators working the case full time without releasing information. will never be an option. >> we are not trying to make things worse for them? what we are frying trying to d maintain integrity of the investigation and get proper closure. >> they're more fired up today after they learned from jackson's friend he may have gotten into a bar fight with some one he was thought to have fought beaver fore. over a mile from where he was found dead. >> itaw a awe. >> it could change and it would beep be a murder. >>
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to jump over to hayward. reports of a water main break reported at the intersection of jackson and santa clara. no word yet how many lanes are blocked or what exactly how serious thwart main break is. we have a photographer headed to the scene so we'll get you live pictures of the area in just the next few minutes. that's hayward, jackson and santa clara at that intersection. reports of a water main break. now, the freeways themselves looking good this morning. not a lot of caltrans projects under way. most of those will get back in effect tonight probably after 10:00. but so far 880 connecting over to 92 no delays. 238 to 580 good start this morning. live look at conditions off of the golden gate bridge into san francisco. no delays an easy ride, coming away from 580 to the golden gate bridge toll plaza an easy 10 or 15 minutes or so not bad. no construction projects scheduled right now as you work your way through marin county. and if you are heading along 880 northbound into oakland, so far it's a nice ride, very easy commute towards the maze if you are headed to the bay bridge no del
've been following since 4:30 this morning. a water main break on jackson. ktvu's alex savidge was first on the scene and joins us to tell us when crews expect to have the water shut off. it was supposed to be at 7:00. but that's no longer the case? >> reporter: that's correct. the time frame, obviously being pushed back. it's a very complicated process from what i understand as they are still trying to isolate where the break is on this underground water line and what those workers are doing from the city of hayward's water department, they are checking the valves near this intersection trying to see which one of them will shut off the water. obviously they haven't found it yet. lanes of traffic are closed down. more of them have opened up. so cars are coming through. this is jackson and santa clara streets. as you can see, it's right near the ent transto 880 -- entrance to 880. water is still running down the street. this is what it looked like when this 12-inch line ruptured. firefighters were called in to cut off the flow of water. it wasn't a simple fix. so apparently, the water dep
can up front to figure out what the appetite is for the rate hit. >> definitely. >> dr. jackson. >> thank you. dr. jackson. i have received calls and some people go on the internet. i don't do that, because i don't know how. and there was a question concerning the davis & associates. especially with public education community engagement and the advertising in the different areas. and because in my community and i always talk about bayview hunter's point. because i don't talk about nobody else's area. in my area in district 10, we have mostly latinos, asians and samoians, and those who don't read english. everyone knows i am the mayor of hunter's point and they ask me the question. and who will they hire to knock to doors? because a lot of people will not open their doors to strangers. they know the people in the neighborhood. and i want you to think about this clearly. we have people that have worked jointly in the community over the last 30 years. because of our influx with the redevelopment agency. so the thing of it is, i want to let you know that people are watching. and a l
in favor, signify by aye. >> motion carries. public comments? dr. jackson. dr. jackson. >> thank you very much, dr. jackson, hunter's point. i wasn't going to come today but it became an emergency. we have a large problem in the southeast sector of san francisco, especially with our children. we have a turf, where children that live in a full-block area cannot leave out to get to school. there was a group financing the young men and women to the college, and they were doing well. but the funding stopped last friday. i am concerned about the young people getting to school. i know there are programs and i talked to one this morning with the city hall, the young people wears colored jackets and things but only 12 staff. my concern is a community benefit fund for hunter's point and that's funding for all over the city. but my concern is when funds are given out to so-called cbo's or the same people, it do not reach in my community where it need to be reached. i requested that i would like to see when funds are distributed to so-called groups that are doing something in my community. including
items. i know dr. jackson wanted to make a comment on item 9a. is that correct? >>> yes. >> why don't we make the comment while we're considering the consent item as a whole rather than removing an item. >> does it need to be read into the record? i'll read the item. consent calendar item 9, 9a through 9j consent -- >> go ahead. >> all matter listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine by the san francisco public utilities commission, and will be acted upon by a single vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission or the public so requests, in which event the matter will be removed from the calendar and considered as a separate item. >> dr. jackson. >>> i didn't hear too well. you were saying you were removing this? >> i prefer not to. but i did not want to prevent you from making comments on it. >>> well, i'm glad it's being removed. >> you want it removed? >>> yes. >> is there a motion by a member of the committee? i don't want it removed, but if someone else does, that's their option. all
's also soft on iran. >>> and epa regulatory menace lisa jackson finally resigning because president obama apparently will approve the keystone pipeline. that's the latest from a number of sources. and i say good riddance to her, but good for the keystone pipeline. here is a disgraceful story tonight. new reports that welfare cash is being spent on strippers, booze, and important shows. whatever happened to work requirements. and the battle everyone's waiting for in miami tonight, notre dame looks to win the national championship over obama. but in one way, the fighting irish may have already won. and last but not least, i'm going to tell you why i think a debt ceiling and government shutdown, bad idea. i'm going to show you a better way. the "kudlow report" begins right now. . >>> first up, amid allegations of anti-semitism and antiisrael sentiments, president obama nonetheless nominated former republican senator chuck hagel for the position of secretary of defense. that today, also reportedly soft on iranian sanctions. so is there any truth to these charges? here to discuss eliot abrams,
or widowers. [laughter] during months and months of gridlock, almost every member of jackson's inner circle opposed peggy. all of them except one. eventually, jackson fires his whole cabinet, reorganizes his government. basically because of little peg. ultimately, after two terms as president, eight years, jackson was so popular he could have won a third term. he was beloved by the people, despite the scandal or perhaps because of the scandal. the masses loved the great commoner, andrew jackson. some-aiz -- some of his opponents had bad mouthed little peg and his wife, wanted to oppose him. so jackson reaches out to his kitchen cabinet about the only member of his inner circle who didn't say bad things about peg and gets that person to run in his place. that's martin van buren, the little magician, as they called him. otherwise ratherrer relevant politician. martin van buren is happened picked by jackson to continue his legacy. martin van buren wins. and jackson picks him because he's the only ally to jackson who doesn't treat peg bad. why is van buren who doesn't mind peg being around? van
with chris jackson that we still have an outstanding balance that mr. jackson owes the city. i continue to believe that we should publish a list of all the bad actors that have outstanding fees, fines, forms out. and i wanted to note on page 4 the technology upgrades. i would like to thank steven massey, it director, as much as possible, because he is one of the unheralded staff members who really does a lot in terms of servers and technology and the whole dashboard program. the updates to the electronic filing program really have been helpful, as i understand. and kudos to steven for that work. thank you. >> thank you. and i certainly echo the great work that mr. massey and the staff have done on our electronic filing. i do think it has added a lot of value, and i know the regulated community and the public i have heard have appreciated those efforts as well. anything else relating to the executive director's report from the commissionersin the next item on the agenda is items for future meetings. anybody would like to add anything? >> i just wanted to express appreciation for the in
the hit to avoid paying back the money he owed him. u.s. district judge raymond jackson overturned the conviction in 2011 claiming prosecutors withheld evidence in the case and coerced testimony from a key witness. jackson ordered prosecutors to retry wolfe in 120 days or release him. last week jackson ruled that because prosecutors didn't meet the deadline he ordered wolfe released by 5 p.m. today. the stay came down within an hour of that. >> we would have preferred for it to not be stayed, but we have every reason to be hopeful. we believe judge jackson's order was correct and we're confident that ultimately will be the decision of the court of appeals as well. >> reporter: danny petrole's father, a federal criminal investigator for more than 30 years, told us by phone tonight that he thinks the stay was appropriate. i believe justin wolfe was involved in my son's murder just like the original jury concluded he says. danny petrole sr. says he doesn't condone his son's activities from 11 years ago, but he feels in time dan jr. would have taken a different path. he says he's forg
of the new york jets. i cannot imagine a scenario where you would be a jackson jaguar. >> wow. >> i cannot imagine any circumstance. >> he could not have been more direct. >> tim tebow be the starting quarterback of jacksonville next year. [laughter] >> >> we are really lucky weatherwise in terms of temperatures. into the 60's on sunday. we will start to cool off next week when temperatures get back to normal. the forecast looks very cold. temperatures are in the teens. >> i bet you are all freaking out more than i am. [laughter] >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "american idol," ryan seacrest, randy jackson and keith urban, standup comedian anthony jeselnik, and the music of for king and country. [ cheers and applause ] and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac
of the board of supervisors. >> here, here. >> dr. espanola jackson. >>> good afternoon, and happy new year. >> and to you as well. >>> is david chiu here? >> i congratulated him in the virtual world. >>> oh, i congratulate him, too. one of the things that i want to talk about is southeast community college. we're having a lot of problems there. and one of those problems is that -- i don't know if i mentioned it to you or not, but i mention it had to others -- about turf in my community. and the turf means -- a lot of people say gangs. we don't have gangs in bayview hunters point. i want you to understand this very closely. we have turf. what turf means is that within a circle in the areas up in bayview hunters point, these young people cannot go beyond four blocks of where they live or they will be killed, shot, or beat upon. we've had programs that were taken upbringing our children from up on the hill down to the college for them to be educated. they want to be educated. we worked out some of the plans for -- because i met with the college trustees and i will be meeting with them again o
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